Picture of Blue Topaz I was supposed to have purchased.
The picture is not a copyright infringement, I purchased the stone https://www.gemrockauctions.com/auctions/2248-cts-untreated-topaz-excellent-luster-color-gemstone-tp19-1275573; khanjee Auction ID 1275573

Janet McDonald Photo of alleged blue topaz purchased online

I believe you can tell the difference in the stones. The one I was sent, looks nothing like the one I purchased. It was purchased through an online auction. I contacted the seller at gemrockauctions.com. The conversation with the seller is as follows:

26th Sep 2020nootkabear

My name is Janet McDonald.  I won the bid on the following:

22.48 Cts Untreated Topaz Excellent Luster & Color Gemstone TP19
Won 3rd Sep via Bid
khanjee Auction ID 1275573

My item has arrived.  I have some questions.
When I first looked to the stone, it looked like the center is clear – has no color at all.
So, I put it under my inspection camera, and when looking at it from the backside, it appears all clear, except the outside edges are blue. 
When I turn it over and look at it from the top, one wide up to the edges is clear.  The other side shows blue.
I took pictures so that I can send to you, if I need to.
Please advise, as I paid for a blue topaz.

29th Sep 2020khanjee

We’re very sorry for late reply. It’s because of fancy cut and sorry if you don’t like the stone. Please you can send it back, when we receive the parcel, will refund your full payment. Thanks

30th Sep 2020nootkabear

So you expect me to pay for shipping back to you, when your advertisement for the stone said nothing about it being part blue, and that the stone was irradiated to make it blue?  I don’t think so.